Cochiti Lake RV Trip (Part Two)

cl-cassie-cottonwoods-road(You can see Part One here.)
On Thursday we walked to the cottonwoods again.  I wanted to try to get a photo of the beavers’ tail smacks.  After many photos of the splash, I finally tried a video.  I did get it, but I need to practice the technique.  I was bit shaky.   The hill climb back was tough.  I don’t usually do this long a hike everyday – this was the third day in a row.  Cassie loves it.  It would be a recliner day for me.

I started reading “Visual Intelligence” by Amy Herman.  Although I considered myself to be fairly observant, I’m becoming aware of what I’m not seeing.  Her workshops are often presented to law enforcement – makes me think of everything like a witness!  What did I see?  What can I remember?  She also writes about ‘inattentional blindness’ where we don’t see what’s right in front cl-frog-beetleof us.  I took a photo of a roadkill frog (don’t ask why).  It was only when I was back at the RV and looking through all the photos that I notices a big beetle on the frog.  Never saw it when I took the picture.  I decided I needed to read Herman’s book carefully.

I hadn’t done any writing except this journal.  I was hoping to get some genealogy and other blog posts done.  It seemed so far away.  I’m barely interested in the genealogy anymore.  It feels like a bit of a burden to share this information.  But it would be a shame not to – I did so much work to collect it.  Also my meditation has suffered here.  Never even thought about it until today.  I found the driver’s seat is a good meditation spot.  Cassie waits patiently in her co-pilots seat.

cl-deerOn Friday we walked farther – to the second group of cottonwoods.  I saw one deer – luckily Cassie did not see it.  This was an easy three-mile hike – except for that last quarter mile up the boat ramp.  I was tired and happy.  I figured I won’t walk there on a Saturday morning – too many folks coming in for the weekend.

Spending this much time in the RV had me thinking of small improvements.  I have too much stuff on the other side of the table – on that seat.  I could move the clothes storage to the foot of the bed – lots of room there.  And make a thinner bolster for the dinette seats.  They are thick because they are the mattress if this is made into a bed, but I don’t do that.  If the bolster were thinner, there would be more room on the seat and I would be more comfortable reading.  I’ve been using recycled plastic bags for trash.  That’s okay for a day or two, but I need a decent closed container for these longer trips.  I decided I want a curtain to hide the sleeping area.  These are just small adjustments to make the RV more livable.

cl-raven-flyingI was back in the recliner watching a raven as it perched on a leafless tree over the overlook.  It was a long way away but could make a nice photo especially if I could get it when it flies away.  I tried to hold the focus (shutter pressed halfway) but my hand shook after a few minutes.  Then the shutter finger tired and fired off a frame or three.  Re-focused and started again.  Finally the raven flew off.  Mediocre photo, but at least I was persistent.

My treat tonight: Ritz crackers (really Trader Joe’s fine version) and guacamole.  This was a childhood favorite – maybe the first way I had guacamole.  Heaven.

cl-ccI had kept up with the Facebook and Instagram posts that I wanted to.  I was in an August photo-a-day challenge and missed only a couple.  I’m just learning Instagram (mostly because my granddaughter is on it).  So that became more routine.  I posted on Cassie’s Facebook page (CassieCorgi).  That’s been fun.

cl-parthenonOur Saturday morning walk was to a new area – a picnic area near the entrance.  It was strange.  The gates are locked.  It’s abandoned.  There are maybe 50 shelters with no roofs, but still the tables and grills.  It looked like ruins.  I called it the Parthenon.  Seems they had the roofs removed for repair, but didn’t like the cost, so they closed it.  Beautiful area for picnics.
Today would have been my sister’s wedding anniversary had she stayed married.  No one celebrates it now; I do remember though.  It was back when she and I didn’t know who we were or what we wanted.  And yet, she married – she was 21, it was the time to marry.  That was some of my feeling brought up by the book “So Long Marianne” – young women trying to find their way.  Trying, stumbling, slowly finding the path.  Painfully slow.  My sister died over 20 years ago without really finding her way.  I miss her.

I met the mayor of the city of Cochiti Lake and his wife at the overlook.  His issues sound a lot like our mayor’s issues.

Friends from home arrived Saturday afternoon.  They’ve been touring with their granddaughter.  We took a walk to the old picnic area.  Very nice to have friends nearby.  We were all leaving in the morning.

Planning to leave made a different kind of evening.  I’ve finished both books.  And I was thinking about what needs to be done to set off in the morning.  The leaving had begun.  And I think that’s why this longer trip (7 days) in one place was so nice.  It takes the driving day to settle in.  And the last day is taken up with thoughts of leaving.  Good to have lots of days in between for me.

Nice relaxed Sunday morning.  Time to sit with my friends.  Time to say goodbye to neighbors.

Cochiti Lake with the Sandia Mountains in the distance - Albuquerque is at the foot of the mountains.

Cochiti Lake with the Sandia Mountains in the distance – Albuquerque is at the foot of the mountains.

It was almost all interstate driving, but traffic was light.  I drive about 60 mph in the RV – the slowest driver on the freeway.  Getting through Albuquerque was easy – no extra lane changes.  I don’t like those.  I think I need better mirrors.

South of Socorro and just an hour from home we stopped so Cassie could get out for a few minutes.  The wind was picking up.  It wasn’t terrible, but this is a fairly high profile vehicle so the wind was noticed.  Especially as the road goes across arroyos.  Sheltered by road cuts, there’s no wind and then as the road goes through a canyon, the gusts hit.  Off and on all the way.  So I drove a little slower.  There was almost no traffic here anyway.

Along this stretch a truck pulling a fine Shasta trailer passed.  Even I can recognize them – vintage “canned ham” trailers with the wings on the back corners.  It looked immaculate.  When I got off at the Truth or Consequences exit, that trailer was at the gas station.  I pulled in to talk with the folks.  Turns out the trailer is brand new – they are making a limited edition re-issue – same retro style with modern updates in appliances and plumbing.  It was beautiful.  I’d like to have it to camp in, but I don’t want to have to tow it or set it up alone.

While we talked about their trailer, their 8 year old son captured a highly rated Pokemon – only his second capture ever.  They were all very surprised to find such a good one here.  This was my first experience with Pokemon hunters.  I had no idea what they were talking about.

Another mile and we were home.  It was a fine trip and we were happy to be back.  I’m already thinking about that next trip.  Try to get to Heron Lake?  Or maybe El Malpais?


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