Childhood Replay

Yesterday I was watering a big pecan tree for a neighbor who was away.  I dug out a bit of a basin and filled it twice with the hose.  The memories returned of watering the avocado trees when I was a kid.  There were about 12 or 15 young trees in three rows on a slope above the horse corral.  Dad had already made the basins, but if I didn’t pay attention, I could over-fill them and a small crisis occurred.  Hurry, move the water wand to the next tree, grab the shovel and repair the damage.  Every tree was watered twice.

Today I was ironing some handkerchiefs – I sell vintage items online.  And I again returned to childhood.  My first ironing chore was pressing Dad’s handkerchiefs.  Not quite foolproof – I can remember the smell of scorched cloth and the permanence of that mark.  But they were the easiest thing to iron.

Now maybe I should go dry some silverware.  That was my first job in the dishwashing department.  Couldn’t break anything.  I, of course, graduated to washing and drying all the dishes and now have regressed to never drying anything.

There is something to the idea of becoming young again in our advanced age.  It’s a loop and I’m enjoying the replay.  Want to come over?  We could build a fort out of sofa cushions.


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