I Miss My Xterra

Xterra at Salt River Canyon, Arizona.

I can’t believe how emotional I was about my car.  It was a 2001 Nissan Xterra – the first new car I ever bought.  I’d always had to buy used cars before that.  My brother’s advice:  if you keep a car for 15 years, buy new.  Good idea.

I put over 237,000 miles on it – freeways to off-road trips in the desert.  It never let me down.  After 16 years though, more and more things had to be replaced and we finally hit the tipping point.  Time to get a new car.  Shock: they no longer make Xterras.

The Xterra in Monticello Box – the creek is the road.



After some research I chose a Honda CR-V last November.  It’s nice, but it’s not the Xterra.

I was surprised how difficult it was to let the Xterra go.  Friends have assured me this is not unusual.  Still.  Taking it to my mechanic to sell for me, I could barely speak.  It felt as if I was taking an old, loved dog to the pound after getting a new puppy.

I’m enjoying the CR-V – it’s more fuel efficient and more comfortable, but I still look longingly at Xterras on the road.

The new kid.




9 thoughts on “I Miss My Xterra

  1. I now the feeling… my last vehicle was donated to charity, when they came to pick up I could not help to tear up. Upon the man driving it down the block i chocked up,I run & lock myself in my house & cry, it felt like I have lost a good & dear friend.


  2. I drove my ’93 Saturn sports coupe (the only brand-new car I’ve ever owned) for 19 years, then sold it to my daughter, who still drives it. (It’s 24 years old now.) I now drive a “pre-owned” Nissan Sentra. I have felt a bit nostalgic about my old car, and I still love its looks, but I actually drove it last week and realized I really prefer my “boring” Sentra now. It’s more comfortable and much easier to drive. But somehow I doubt I’ll ever feel as attached to it as I was to my Saturn.


  3. I googled “I miss my Xterra” and this came up…thank you for sharing!!! I just got a Toyota RAV4 today, for which I am obviously very grateful. But, I had to let go of my bumper sticker laden Xterra!! I cried multiple times! I kept asking if there was anything like it in my price range, but it seems like that era has passed. Anyway, I feel you!


      • Has it gotten better? Have you attached to your current car in the last two years? Thanks for the response 😊


      • A little. I still sigh when I see an Xterra on the road. I got the CR-V because it is more sensible at my age (73). But I guess I’m not really ready for sensible. It’s more comfortable and more fuel efficient, but it’s a city car and I live in the desert! The CR-V is better if I’m being prudent. I’m not attached to it. Intellectually yes, my heart – no. Your RAV4 should be able to fill that space better than my Honda. Yes?


      • Sensible was kind of my reasoning, too…way better gas mileage, fewer oil changes, and less repair overall at this point. Intellectually, wise move. I think I will always have a soft spot for Xterras…
        Keeping it in perspective, I am very thankful to have a car!!


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