RV Dinette Remodel

My Class C RV is compact (read: small) and one of my favorite features is the dinette in the back with lots of windows. I park at a campsite so that those windows face the view. If I’m inside, I eat at the table, of course, but it’s also a desk area. It’s the only sitting area.

The dinette, however, was not very comfortable. The table was big and I felt pinned into the seat. There was no room to stretch out with a good book. In a Facebook group I saw that someone removed their table, made the seating into a U-shape, and added a folding table. It was a light-bulb moment for me. Thank you for the idea.

Table is gone!

I’ve completed part of the project – the seating. The table is still being worked on. I fitted a board to support the new seat cushion, painted it to match the walls.

I found a remnant of upholstery material at Jo-Ann’s. This needed to be a budget-conscious job. So the fabric is sturdy, cheap, and not too bad to look at. The foam to go inside was expensive – that surprised me. Even with a half-off coupon, it was $23.
It all fits together nicely. And Cassie approves.
The table is next. I’m basically adding a larger top to a folding wooden TV table. The top needs to be big enough to be the support board in case I want to make this into a bed.
I made a reading pillow and two throw pillow for my new ‘sofa’ area. This was fabric I had on hand – probably from a yard sale. It doesn’t complement the new upholstered cushion very well, but it won’t show much with the table in place. I’m going for comfortable frugality here!
The temperature here is in the triple digits this week, so I’m staying home with the cooler running. But I’m eager to try out this new arrangement.