What I Did Instead of Camping

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July weekends are prime camping days for a lot of folks. I’m not so keen on being out on the busy holidays. But I did spend a lot of time in my RV. I did some repairs, maintenance, and remodeling. And I bought several things for it. Well, for me. I’ll tell about the purchases in another post – after I can try them out and have a review to write.

When I camp, I write in a journal and make to-do lists of things I want changed on the RV. Well, those lists were building. I finally fixed the curtains around the sleeping area. In one place the velcro was coming off. And the curtain across the front of the cab-over needed to be a little shorter. I never thought much about it until I was getting into bed – then it bugged me. Well, it took less than half an hour to fix both things. I spent more time grumbling about it than it took to fix it. I also had to repair the closure on the reading pillow that I just made, but didn’t design very well. Again, a half-hour fix. And much relief.

Doing some routine maintenance just provides a little peace of mind. I cleaned the power plug to the generator. It wasn’t in bad shape, but I never really looked at it before. And I ‘graphited’ all the door locks. One was beginning to stick – all have been lubricated now. The RV is at the mechanic’s right now getting its annual servicing. And probably getting a new house battery. This one was so difficult to check water levels on, I may have damaged it. And it’s a very important part of the RV.

The dinette area before any changes.

The remodeling got off to a good start when I re-configured the dinette area (that story is here). I finally finished the table. It’s a wooden TV table, reinforced to strengthen it a little, with a larger board on top for decent sized work space.

The top will still fit in the frame to make the area into a bed if I want. The board I used for the top is an heirloom. It’s walnut from a family farm in Nebraska that my uncle made into a stereo cabinet in the 1950s. The cabinet has been repurposed and this is one of the doors. The finish was bad and the wood faded. I sanded and sanded. And sanded. And then refinished it. I added a few blocks underneath so it would fit securely on the small table. I like the flexibility of this arrangement – the table to be moved to the side or easily taken away.

Moved to one side – I think it will be in this position often.

I also replaced all the interior lights with LEDs to save on battery power. It’s an expensive exchange, but when I’m dry camping, battery power can determine how long I stay put.

A couple of upper cabinets had etched mirrors inset – too high to be useful. I covered them with cork, so I have bulletin board space now. I’m just not an etched mirror kind of person. I knew I didn’t want them from the start.

Another thing that had to go was the curtain covering the cab-over part. So it’s been almost two years and I finally got it changed! The previous owner had a short (why?) white ruffled curtain. Again, not my style.


I replaced it with a longer curtain that matches the window covers inside the cab-over – and covers an unmade bed or perhaps junk I might store up there! It made a big difference.


Another thing checked off the to-do list. It brings such satisfaction to cross off those things. And maybe I’ve learned not to grumble and procrastinate.

All this time I’ve watched folks on social media camping and having a great time. I am SO eager to get out there. Just as soon as the RV is serviced, I’m heading for the hills. Where I hope it will be a little cooler.


7 thoughts on “What I Did Instead of Camping

  1. I love the changes! I have the same issue with my dining area, love your solution. Happy camping in cooler area, 118 here today :(.


  2. Great post…we need to do something with our seating area. That’s the biggest thing that we’d like to change about ours. Maybe your ideas will prime OUR thoughts!


  3. Great improvements, all. I especially like the renovated dining area. The bulletin boards are a clever idea. I’m with you on not camping on big holiday weekends. Crowds are not my thing. My policy is to never travel on a holiday if I can avoid it.

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