Kindergarten Class of ’51

I was in Mrs. Lyons’ kindergarten class at Lindo Park School in Lakeside, California.  There were two kindergarten classrooms, separate from the other elementary class, with our own fenced playground.

Class of 1951

We painted at big easels, wearing our fathers’ shirts backwards for aprons.

We had graham crackers and milk for our snack and naps on bath towels brought from home.

Notes between Mom and Mrs. Lyons were pinned to my blouse or sweater.  And milk money was wrapped in one of Mom’s handkerchiefs and pinned to my clothing.

Once Mom brought one of our lambs for the class to see and pet.  Wish I had a video of her putting it in the truck to drive the three miles to us.  My city-bred mother toughened up fast.

Graduation from kindergarten was a big deal.  We had caps made from black construction paper – a ring of paper topped with a square, plus a tassel.

And here is my report card.  It says I am promoted to pre-first grade.  I have no idea what that means!


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Class of ’51

  1. I have no memories of school prior to second grade. I don’t even recall if I went to Kindergarten. I was almost a year younger than most of my classmates, but still, you’d think there would be something!


  2. The number of teachers I can still name after all these years can be counted on one hand. But they include my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cotton, for some reason.
    I recall her looking a bit like Ms. Wormwood from Calvin and Hobbes, so I’m reasonably sure she’s long since vacated the planet.
    Gods bless you, Mrs. Cotton, wherever you are.


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