Early Writings: Horned Toad

First Grade – Miss Giddings’ class at Lindo Park School in Lakeside, California.  I begin my writing career.  Do you remember this paper with the heavy and light lines?   And the big (for 6 year old hands) green round pencils?


4 thoughts on “Early Writings: Horned Toad

  1. I have some of my kids’ writing on that kind of paper, but none of my own. You had a very neat hand at age 6! I LOVE “horny toads” – when I was a kid we used to catch and observe them for a while then release them back where we found them. One memorable day we found eight in one morning. I understand they are much scarcer now, perhaps even endangered. I hope we didn’t contribute to that. We were very careful not to hurt them, and to let them go back where we’d found them.


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