Stonehenge with Mimi and Kathy

July 1970. On a student charter flight from Los Angeles to London, I met Mimi who was going to spend two months in Europe and Kathy who was going to Scotland for a year. “We have a few plans for London.” I didn’t have any plans. I hadn’t been overseas before. I had my backpack and this was a stopover on my way to Swaziland to visit my sister.

There was a Pink Floyd concert in Hyde Park that afternoon – couldn’t miss that. Then we planned to hitchhike to Stonehenge the next day. We all had backpacks and sleeping bags so we slept in St. James Park that night. Technically that was illegal, but there were so many young people there, they didn’t bother.

We hitched to Salisbury and stayed at Mrs. Turpin’s – small supper, private room, and breakfast for 10 shillings.

At Stonehenge it took a while for the mystique of the place to sink in, and when it did, I knew I wanted more time here. But I had a connecting flight to catch, so it was a brief time at this incredible site.

As most travel encounters go, I didn’t keep in touch with Mimi and Kathy. But it was a fine introduction to travel.


2 thoughts on “Stonehenge with Mimi and Kathy

  1. I too took a student charter flight to Europe in the summer of 1970! What a great time to be there. Did you also carry the $5/day book? I spent less than my $500 budget during my three month visit. Today that would last about a day and a half. 🙂


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