RV Remodel

rv-rem-2*&%%#$@ roller shades!  There are three around the dinette in the RV.  They are not attractive and only one works.  You know, how to just pull it a little and it retracts.  These don’t.  They just get longer and longer.  And they have water stains.  The valences around them are upholstered and ugly.  Time for a change.  My first real remodel on the RV.

Here are ‘before’ photos.
rv-rem-1I’m gong with curtains with tie-backs.  Simple (I hope).  I have a fabric stash, so I start there.  What better material for dinette curtains than old linen table cloths?  They’re heavy (for privacy) and bright (for light).

Taking down the shades and valences took some time.  And then all the accessories attached to the underside of the cabinets.  The bottom of the overhead cabinets are thin board covered with fake wood print on cellophane-like material.  It’s cracked, torn, and hanging down in places.  So that’s why I’m painting under the cabinets.  The previous owner had a paper plate holder, a napkin holder, two TV cables, a fan, and two unidentified electronic boxes attached.  They all had to come down.  And holes had to be patched.

There’s not much square footage to paint, but sure a lot of borders and trim to mask.  I chose a turquoise paint.  Hoping for a retro look.  The outside of the RV is white with turquoise.

Here are the results.