This is my third blog.  I can hardly believe I’ve kept my first one going for four years focusing now on just photography.  The problem was then that I really didn’t know what a blog was or could be.  At the start it was all-inclusive:  photography, genealogy, book reviews, recipes, and personal stories.  I split the genealogy blog off here.  It’s been alive and well for two years.

Now I’m creating a space for the more personal writing:  essay, opinion pieces, book reviews, memoir, maybe even some fiction and drawings.

This is About 70 Years – because I’m within a year of being 70 and it is about those years.  A long time being an early Baby Boomer, tomboy, horse lover, civil rights advocate, student, anti-war demonstrator, birthmother, genealogist, feminist, traveler, facilitator, lab worker, environmentalist, reader, wheelchair repairer, desert rat, photographer, and writer.


Photography blog:  www.AlwaysBackroads.wordpress.com

Genealogy blog:  www.ThisILeave.wordpress.com



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