surfers at dawnSurfing is the first order of the day in Capitola.  By 5:30 AM surfers are arriving – almost two hours before sunrise and long before it was light enough for a photograph.  Time to catch some waves before work beckons.  One surprise for me was the number of girls and women surfing.  When I was young, boards were very long and heavy – very few girls surfed.
girls boards 2
On the Saturday we were there, it was the Women on Waves Longboard contest.  I didn’t pick up a current longboard, but they cannot be as heavy as they used to be.
wow banner
I heard one man proudly tell another “My daughter is surfing today” – not something fathers from my youth said often.
girls boards
Contestants ranged from 13 (Juniors) – although they looked much younger – to mid-70s.  It made me laugh to see the Senior category was for women 30 – 39!  Anyone over 60 years old is in the Legends group.
2 surfers
Every morning brought out surfers of all ages – lots of geezers.  Legends or not.  Gray hair and a few years don’t stop these folks.


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