Jemez Springs Trip

In March Cassie and I took off for Jemez Springs, northwest of Albuquerque.  This time I took the car and stayed in a delightful retro motel – The Laughing Lizard.  It’s right in ‘downtown’ Jemez Springs and has a fine porch where I sat and watched the light on the bluffs to the west.  Nice, clean rooms and friendly owners – it that weren’t enough, it’s next door to the Highway 4 Cafe.  One of the finest little restaurants I’ve experienced in New Mexico.

Downtown Jemez Springs.

Jemez Springs is in a canyon on the side of the Valles Caldera – there are so many things to see and do here.


Gilman Tunnels

Fenton Lake State Park. Nice to see lots of families there for Spring Break.

Valles Caldera National Preserve

Las Conchas Trail – one of dozens of options.

At the Caldera bookshop I bought a wonderful (= understandable) book, “The Geology of Northern New Mexico Parks, Monuments, and Public Lands.”  I can’t imagine anyone visiting here and not having geology questions.
We stayed three days.  Hardly enough time to scratch the surface of the area, but long enough to let me know I want to go back.


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